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5 Important Tips to Care for Exterior of Your Used Car

So you have finally got yourself a car! It should come as no surprise that for many of you, a car would be the second biggest purchase that you’ll ever make. Your car takes a year-round beating. The wear and tear would eventually show if you overlook its maintenance and care. Considering the time and money you’ve invested in buying a used car, it becomes imperative to keep it in top-notch condition. Be it cleaning, washing, waxing or making necessary repairs, exterior car care should be one of Read more [...]

6 Tips for Buying a Second-hand Car

In this modern era of advancement and technology, the car sales are hitting an all-time high. The second-hand car market has become very important to the automotive industry as car owners these days opt to change cars every few years. As it is not possible for them to buy a new car every time pre-owned cars come to their rescue. However, buying a second-hand car is more complicated and perplexing than a new one. A used car’s reliability depends on several things, unlike a brand new car in which Read more [...]