Auto Techno Logic


Here at Toronto Auto Brokers we are now equipped with Auto Techno Logic technology. This software uses the latest manufacturer technology and provides solutions for the luxury car market. The software is updated on a daily basis to deal with today's vehicle advancements.

1. Flash Programming - Auto Logic is the best diagnostic tool with the capability of performing flash programming that is necessary when updating or installing most new EUCs.

2. ECU Coding - Coding is the process whereby a programmed ECU is configured with extra parameters that correspond to an exact vehicle information system. Our tools will always code the control module with the correct hardware data.

3. Key Coding - Adapt keys to a vehicle's immobilizer and central locking system

4. Performance Tuning - Increase power and torque and smoother delivery of power. Increase fuel economy in most diesel applications. Faster acceleration. Reduce the number gear changes

5. OEM Integration
Video In Motion
GPS / Navigation
Remote Start
Backup Camera
Parking Sensors
I-Pod / AUX
Audio Systems
And all other electrical components such as Power Sunroof, Power Seats, Convertible Tops, Heated Seats, Air Bags, etc.


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