Great features luxury used cars have to help you stay warm in the winter

Winter will be with us in no time, so as you get your winter jacket and long johns out of storage you should also be thinking about how you’re going to stay warm on your commute.  Most cars today have heated seats and climate control, however, luxury used cars take the level of comfort in these winter months just one step further. Remote starter This really is a game changer, although any car can have at least a version of this technology, nothing is as seamless and reliable as an in built remote Read more [...]

7 tips for protecting your luxury used car in winter

As an owner of a luxury used car, you want to make sure that your beautiful piece of machinery stays perfect for many years to come.  As the weather gets colder, this means that you might have to consider putting the convertible to bed for the winter.  There are of course many luxury used cars that are perfectly suited for the winter weather.  However, the sporty little number that you enjoy in the summer time, needs to be looked after carefully during the harsh Canadian winter. Here are 7 tips Read more [...]

3 tips for winter tires and your luxury used car

Don’t just look at the price of the tires You may find that when you are shopping for winter tires for your luxury used car that there is a great range of prices for seemingly the same tire.  As with any product that you are looking to buy, there will always be a difference in quality between cheaper winter tires and more expensive ones.  However, the subtle differences can have a huge impact on how effective a winter tire will be for your specific luxury used car.  Some winter tires Read more [...]

Winter and all wheel drive luxury used cars

Making the adjustment from driving in the spring, summer and fall to winter is easier for some than others.  It is important to take the time to consider the changes in the road conditions as well as make sure that your vehicle is ready for the winter.  An important part of this is to take stock of your luxury used car and learn about all of the safety features that is has that are designed specifically for the change in weather. If you are lucky enough to have a luxury used car that has all Read more [...]

4 tips to keeping your luxury used car looking great

Anyone who is in the market for a luxury used car will not only want to get from A to B, they want to look great doing it.  Having one of the most high status and luxurious cars on the market is worth nothing if the car is caked in mud.  You will also want to make sure that the interior of the car in well maintained and not messy.  This is very important for ensuring that anyone who steps into your luxury used car gets to enjoy it as the manufacturer intended. Cleaning a luxury used car is Read more [...]

With the Kids out of the House it’s Time to Ditch the Minivan

Now that your children have left home for school or work you don’t need to look at that 10 year old minivan in your driveway anymore.  It served you well through many school runs, soccer practice pick up and drops offs and even when you helped the not so little ones off to university, but now, it is just a blight on your driveway. It is the time to get something that will make you fall in love with driving again.  The great news is that something a little flashy does not need to be all that Read more [...]

What makes a luxury used car different from your average car?

Getting to the point where you can live the lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed can be a long road paved with hard work and determination.  When you reach your goals, there is nothing quite like treating yourself to something that you have always wanted.  With a luxury used car you can jump ahead to the lifestyle of your dreams and sit back and enjoy the most comfortable driving experience that you have ever had. You may hesitate and second guess yourself as to why you need a luxury used Read more [...]

How you can enjoy a smooth ride in your luxury used car

When you decide that you want to have something a little special in your life, there are many different options to choose from.  You may want to go on a trip, go out for a nice meal or see a play.  While these are all great options, the question remains, how are you going to get there?  Driving to an event or even a friends house can be taken to the next level by arriving in your luxury used car. There really is no better feeling than pulling up in front of a crowd of your friends in a luxury Read more [...]

How do you define a luxury used car?

Luxury is defined as “The state of great comfort and extravagant living”. We like to think of it as being what you deserve from all of your hard work.  From your luxury used car to your home, all you want to do is be happy and comfortable.  A luxury used car is your ticket to the best driving experience you will ever have, but to get there you need to know what is a luxury used car and what is just a regular vehicle to get from A to B.  You do not want to run afoul of heavy marketing and branding Read more [...]

9 Reasons to buy a luxury used car

As you consider exactly what it is that you want out of your next vehicle, you should really think about a luxury used car.  They are proving to be a fantastic investment, reliable transportation and a whole lot of fun.  Not convinced yet?  Take a look below at our 10 reasons why you should look into buying a luxury used car. The look of the car A luxury used car is for a lot more than getting from A to B.  They have been designed by some of the best people in the business to be a Read more [...]