4 Must-Ask Questions to Buy the Perfect Used Car

4 Must-Ask Questions to Buy the Perfect Used Car

Investing in a used car can be more nerve-wracking than looking for a new one, especially for first-time buyers. The fact that the vehicle you would be buying is previously owned by someone else is in itself a reason to feel the jitters. Everything becomes quite intimidating when you start the process – examining the car’s condition, registration documents, maintenance records, the validity of the insurance, etc.

People often land up with unsatisfactory experiences after buying a used car privately, which is why a majority of individuals have started resorting to local dealerships instead. They understand that purchasing a used car requires a substantial budget in hand and you cannot pick just any car because it is being offered at low prices.

Even if you buy a second-hand car, you would have to stick to it for the next few years and hence, you would need great sensibility and smartness in your decision making so that you don’t end up making a futile purchase.

If you have shortlisted any used car or planning to buy one soon, you would have to ask the following questions from the owner or dealer to get the right car and the best deal –

#1 – Why is the owner selling the car?

A vehicle owner may have hundreds of reasons behind selling his car, but the purpose of asking this particular question is to ensure that you are not investing in someone else’s garbage. There have been thousands of instances where the owners sell their vehicle due to its ineffective performance or faulty parts. In other cases, the owners may have plans to upgrade their cars or don’t need them anymore.

So, make sure you ask the dealer or the owner straightway and try to gauge if they are giving you an honest answer for their car sale. If they try to hide, the condition of the car would speak for itself.

#2 – What is the total number of owners the car previously had?

It is quite obvious to understand that more the number of previous owners of a vehicle, more are the chances of its rough handling. Generally, it has been observed that a car having more than 2-3 previous owners undergoes extreme wear and tear.

So, always investigate the number of previous owners that the used car might have and ask for the reasons as to why the owners were changed (if so) frequently.

#3 – Can you show me the maintenance history of the car?

Every used car has a history of owners, which means there would be some maintenance or repair done in the past. A seller may lie about the condition of the car but the maintenance record never will. These records will straightway project if any servicing has been deferred or ignored and any potential risks or problems that may arise as a result of such ignorance.

So, even if your seller claims that the car is in a brand new condition, you should always match it up with the vehicle history report.

#4 – Can I bring my mechanic to inspect the car before buying?

When you are done shortlisting your options, you should request your trusted mechanic to inspect the condition of the car thoroughly. A mechanic is a skilled individual who can check all the minute details of the car and can give you thumbs up or down for your decision to buy it. Your mechanic will quickly tell you whether the previous owners did a good job in the regular maintenance of the car or whether there are any cheap replaced car parts.

However, ensure that the seller of the car doesn’t mind such inspection. If you sense any hesitation, then it is undoubtedly a red signal.

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