5 Easy Tips to Maintain Your Luxury Car

5 Easy Tips to Maintain Your Luxury Car

Isn’t it amazing to see a flashy luxury car parked in your garage? No doubt, the classy look and engine roar of posh vehicles gives the best feeling, but their proper maintenance can be worrisome. Buying a brand new luxury car or even a used high-end vehicle is a significant investment of your hard-earned money. Moreover, cars have an emotional attachment which keeps us worrying about its maintenance.

A luxury car is not only expensive, but they also require more maintenance and care than regular cars. Proper maintenance of a luxury car helps in keeping up its looks and performance. Check out below-mentioned luxury car care tips to keep your ride in prime condition, even years after you have purchased it!


  1. Follow the Manufacturer’s Maintenance guidelines

You cannot afford negligence when it comes to a pricey high-end car. We often neglect manufacturer’s maintenance schedule for normal cars, but the same carelessness with luxury cars may cost you heavily. Be it changing your oil or any other minor detail; make sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule to keep your luxury car performing its best.

  1. Use safe Cleaning Products

Every single part of a luxury car is expensive and needs special care. When it comes to cleaning your car, you can’t simply use a generic car cleaner. There are professional cleaners that are made specifically for luxury cars. The vehicle, especially the interior of the car, should be washed using the right products only. The product you use must be safe for the fabric of your car seat and make use of a microfiber cloth. Always use a high-quality carpet shampoo and for the leather surfaces, buy recommended cleaning products only.

  1. Show some love and care

You are not driving a normal car and it’s obvious when you have spent such a huge amount of money on something, you must handle it with care. You can’t be a reckless driver who uses harsh brakes or drives too fast over speed bumps. Your aggressive driving habits and wrong parking can lead to costly repairs. If you park your car at too hot or too cold area, it may cause damage to sensitive components of your posh vehicle.

  1. Frequently Wash the Car

Not only the design and power but also the splendid paint job of luxury cars sets them apart from regular cars. This means to keep them looking shiny and new, you need to regularly clean them. To keep it looking brand-new, wash the vehicle weekly to eliminate dirt or particles, and keep checking for any dents. Make use of two buckets of water and a microfibre cloth for cleaning. First, rinse off with plain water and then wash with a mixture of water and professional car wash soap. Apply the cleaning solution with the help of a microfibre cloth. Apart from this, treat your beloved vehicle by taking it to a professional car cleaning service once a month for waxing and polishing.

  1. Polish it the right way

Additionally, if you want to pamper your car in between monthly professional treatments, you should know the right way of polishing. Make sure to take the right amount of wax and start applying it in straight lines. Ideally, a coin-sized amount of wax works well for around two feet of vehicle area. Avoid using too much wax and use a microfiber cloth for applying it to the surface.


These are simple, yet effective tips for taking care of your luxury car to ensure that your vehicle always looks sparkling brand-new and performs at its peak. Proper maintenance of luxury cars has numerous benefits, apart from enhancing their appearance. A well-maintained luxury car gives better resale value to its owners, as well as, people buying these used cars never have to face any disappointment.

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