5 Essential Winter Car Care Tips

5 Essential Winter Car Care Tips

Winter is just around the corner which means you should begin your preparations. This weather comes with many challenges not only for homeowners who think about adding storm windows, but it’s equally challenging for drivers. From salted streets, icy roads, freezing temperatures, to heavy snow, winters are exigent for car owners. The drivers need to get well-prepared in advance to avoid getting stranded due to a dead battery or get into an accident because of zero visibility.

So if you don’t want freezing temperatures to wreak havoc on your car, make sure your car is well cared for during the difficult winter months. As the mercury starts plummeting, you need to take some preventive-care steps. In this post, we have listed five car-care tips to prepare you for the next big chill. The following parts of your car need to be inspected in order to make sure they’re winter-ready.

  1. Inspect battery and electrical system

As compared to warm season, it becomes difficult for a battery to operate in cold weather. The batter which was working perfectly during summers may become dead which means you need to check it. It’s time to replace your old or sluggish battery. You certainly don’t want to left stranded in a cold parking lot or a street with a car that won’t start. It is necessary to have a volt test performed by an auto dealer on your battery before winter starts to make sure it’s still in good working order.

  1. Check Lights 

In winters, days are shorter which means the sun sets earlier. Driving in dark is a major hazard, particularly when it’s foggy outside. Therefore, you need to ensure that your vehicle’s lights are in excellent shape, providing the brightest possible illumination they can. This is crucial for you to see clearly outside, as well as, for other drivers to see you. You can’t bear the risk of broken or burned out bulbs. Replace your car’s headlights if they have become foggy or yellow and invest in a haze-removing kit for your headlight covers if they are getting cloudy.

  1. Antifreeze coolantis a must

Coolant is the lifeblood of your engine which is a must in every season. It helps in keeping your engine cool in the summer and protects it from freezing in the winter. Therefore, before the mercury starts dipping, double check that your car has sufficient coolant. It is important to use the product recommended for your vehicle and follow the directions to mix the new coolant with water in the proper ratio. Usually, it is recommended to mix coolant and water in 50/50 ratio for a lower engine freezing point. In addition to this, check gasoline and washer fluid and ensure there is no leak.

  1. Tires and Tire Pressure

It is highly recommended to invest in winter-rated tires that are designed to remain flexible in cold weather. The winter tires are more competent to deal with low temperatures and provide improved traction. Apart from this, it extremely important to keep track of your tire pressure because it will drop along with the air temperature, losing up to one pound per square inch with every 10-degree drop in air temperature. The cars of luxury makes and models are designed in a way to provide you best performance in any weather.

  1. Defroster and Climate Control

Before winter gets into full swing and you get stuck in the middle of a storm, ensure that your car’s window defroster and climate control system are working properly.

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