5 Important Tips to Care for Exterior of Your Used Car

5 Important Tips to Care for Exterior of Your Used Car

So you have finally got yourself a car! It should come as no surprise that for many of you, a car would be the second biggest purchase that you’ll ever make. Your car takes a year-round beating. The wear and tear would eventually show if you overlook its maintenance and care. Considering the time and money you’ve invested in buying a used car, it becomes imperative to keep it in top-notch condition. Be it cleaning, washing, waxing or making necessary repairs, exterior car care should be one of your top priorities. Take some time to read these exterior car care tips to keep your used car running in prime condition.

Evaluate its condition

Evaluating the condition of your car will guide you towards the level of care that is needed. Ideally, your used car should be inspected almost every week to know what has to be done. When inspecting your car’s exterior, it is recommended to check it under direct sunlight or glare of a bright light source. This reveals the swirling marks and scratches if any. Additionally, the headlights must be checked for hazing and rock chips while the splash guards should be inspected for road grime and salt buildup.

Wash it regularly

Washing your pre-owned car regularly is one of the best tips you’ll ever receive for your exterior car care. No doubt cleaning your car often removes dirt and harmful debris; it also prevents the chances of rusting. Use good quality car washing soap which is gentle on the car paint. Always rinse your car first before washing as it removes larger pieces of loose dirt which can damage the car paint on rubbing. It is highly advised to wash from top to bottom so dirt and grime aren’t washed down in an area you’ve already cleaned.

Use multiple buckets and avoid dirty towels

If you do not have a power washer and use buckets for car washing, it is essential to use multiple buckets with grid guards to prevent grime from scratching paint’s surface. You may not realize but the fine dirt particles, when rubbed against paint, could easily damage it. At the same time, you would want anything touching your car to be as clean as possible. Clean brush, sponge or towels will ensure no dirt particles are dragged back to car’s exterior surface.

Polish for extra shine

If you are a person who likes extra shine on your vehicle, this step is for you. The process is a simple one which evenly distributes the compound over car’s surface. However, before polishing, ensure the surface is free from dirt. Using a clay bar will remove stubborn dirt marks and will restore smoothness to the car paint.

Wax it

After you’ve done all the hard work, waxing your car protects the finish and shine. It acts as a sunscreen for your car protecting it from harmful UV rays, salt, and anything that falls on it. Using a carnauba type wax leaves your car in perfect condition for 6-8 weeks.

Car maintenance requires a regular upkeep. In order to keep your used car in the best condition, it is critical putting efforts towards its mechanical, exterior, and interior maintenance.

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