5 Reasons Why Buying a Used Luxury Car is a Great Option

5 Reasons Why Buying a Used Luxury Car is a Great Option

So you are there on a mission to buy yourself a new car. Congrats for making the effort. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a practical and pocket-friendly family sedan or a high adrenaline, sports machine to calm your performance cravings. You can get some pretty decent options in the used luxury car market.

You mainly have two options, buy a standard, current year car that will fill most of your needs. Or take a small risk and do some research to get a used luxury car for the same price. It’s like getting a small seat upgrade in a plane. You are paying almost the same, but the additional luxury you get cannot be matched by the economy seat.

Here are 5 reasons why buying a used luxury car is not a bad option after all –

A Lot of Car for Your Money

When a car gets older, because of depreciation, its price goes down. But its practical features like the seats, handling, performance, or overall quality of interiors will remain mostly pristine. Unless the previous owner did something really unusual with the car, it should be a fine rider.

Think of it, you can walk into it a used luxury car dealership and drive out with an Audi A6 for the same price or even less as a loaded Toyota Camry. And we know which one you will most probably choose.

If you are looking at the performance side, the quality of performance and driving dynamics that you get from a used higher-end sports car will be way more than your new entry-level sports coupe. You get a lot of car for your money.


Luxury cars are made to higher standards. As luxury vehicles are usually the first ones to get advanced safety features, you can rest assured that your new used luxury car will carry all the safety bells and whistles. A mid-tier luxury car’s safety ratings will be higher than a new car of the same price.

Heads up display, lane and brake assist, backup sensors, and rear-view cameras – all of these can enhance the security of the vehicle when compared to your standard economy box.

Creature Comforts

Who doesn’t want to have a comfortable ride when they are cruising down the highway at 80mph or crawling through the traffic at 5mph? The reason people buy used luxury cars is that they get so many luxury features for half the price.

Heated seats and steering, climate control, reclining seats, sound systems, infotainment systems – these are some of the basic features that most luxury cars usually include. And don’t forget that luxury interior that standard car can never match.

Hidden Gems

Some used luxury cars are hidden gems. Want a stonking V8 for the price of a new Avalon? Then look for a CTS-V. Or how about some S-class level luxury at the fraction of a price of a topped out C-class? Then check out the Hyundai Equus. Not many people go out and look for these models specifically so they are priced well below the market price.

This makes some of these used cars excellent bargain deals. These may not be perfect but if you do some research, you will have something that can fetch some good money in the future.

The Fun, the Eminence, and the Looks

Lastly, some of us are not looking for practicality or comfort. We just want a weekend toy that we can thrash about. Maybe you are looking for a project car that you can work on. Or want a cheap but eye-catching, luxury second car that you drive to special events for some bragging.

Whatever the case is, a used luxury car can provide some surprising fun and prestige in addition to all the eyes it will attract.


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