6 Essential Car Maintenance Tips for Spring

6 Essential Car Maintenance Tips for Spring

When the spring comes, it leaves winter behind, winter is the season of brown sticks and mud season. The vehicle goes through a lot of snow and freezing slush during the winters. The weather too varies from place to place; the temperature drops in the early morning while one can witness heat waves during the day. Winter weather can turn out to be very harsh on your vehicles. Here are a few tips that will help your car fight the after-effects of severe winter weather.


Snow, as well as ice, can cost your vehicle a lot. They end up ruining the frame, brake lines, and body panels of your car. Whenever you expose your vehicle to such harsh conditions, you should make sure to rinse out the undercarriage of your vehicle as soon as possible. The snow water has salt mixtures and chemicals; it is essential to wash it away as soon as you get home with the help of a garden hose.

Seek the help of a car maintenance service to get an electronic rust prevention device installed on your car. This device passes an electric current through the frame of your vehicle which prevents rust from developing.


Pressure and temperature have a particular correlation; the harsh winter weather can mean changes in your car’s tire pressure. Any change in pressure leads to tire damage, poor driving control as well as lower gas mileage. Go to a gas station if the tire measure is not equal to as mentioned in your owner’s manual for your vehicle’s. Furthermore, you may change your tires for the winter as it helps you drive through slick roadways. However, once the winter is over, you should replace them to summer tires to get higher mileage.


As already discussed winter is the season of stick and mud. Your windshield may get a splash of dirt and cinder. So once the winter departs and spring arrives, head out to put new wiper blades.


In case your car’s air conditioning system is not providing cool air as it should then that means it has a clogged condenser or leak. Spring is the right time to fix your air conditioners as right after spring you will have to deal with peak heat of summers. If you want your car to not breakdown during the summer season, get your air conditioners repaired.


With a new season comes new responsibilities, your vehicle has dealt with a lot of snow and ice. So now as spring arrives, it is time for you to get your car in for an oil and lube service. Warm temperature can harm your oil in different ways, so use the spring to get it cleaned.


Change the batteries of your car as cold weathers can have a rough effect on your car batteries. Check if the brakes are working fine before you head out for a summer drive. In short, take your car to a repair service and get an inspection done before you use your vehicles this summer.

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