8 Maintenance Tips to Keep your Used Cars in Top Notch Condition

8 Maintenance Tips to Keep your Used Cars in Top Notch Condition

Keeping up with preventative maintenance of the cars improves it’s efficiency and saves you from long-term costly repairs. Ignoring basic measures like changing the oil, checking the pressure of the tires or not getting scheduled inspections done adversely affects its functionality. This may even lead to breakdowns and failures of the costly mechanism of your cars. So it becomes equally important to maintain both new and used cars regularly.

Still lingering on the idea of getting your cars maintained? Here are some preventative maintenance tips that will assist you in keeping your used cars in good condition. Have a go through and start with the maintenance.

  1. Glance through Owner’s Manual:

The basics of your car maintenance are contained in the user manual. Sadly it rests in one of the drawers. If you wish to keep your car function for a prolonged period of time, it is necessary to read and understand the instructions contained in the owner’s manual. The user guide provides detailed information pertaining to optimization of the used cars, things that need to be checked; symptoms that you need to assess and time to perform such checks.

Furthermore, it contains prescribed products, oils, and tools to be used for your cars as using wrong products undermine the efficiency of the vehicle.

  1. Check the Air Filters:

Harsh driving conditions like dirty roads or thunderstorms tend to clog the air filters with dust. So it becomes essential to keep the engine air filter clean. Depending on the guidelines stated in owner’s manual, engine filters should be replaced every 12 months or after 12000 miles. Ignoring this may cause the AC to function abruptly. You can either clean the air filters using compressed air or get it done by a reliable mechanic.

  1. Controlling the Tire Pressure:

Tire pressure is another area of utmost maintenance. Poorly inflated or underinflated tires are more prone to wears and tears, whereas, overinflated tires tend to blow out easily. In order to avoid the chances of accidents caused due to inaccurate wheel pressure, it is essential to check and control the pressure of the tires. Also, changing the position of the tires assures their sustainability in long run. 

  1. Ensure Proper Engine Lubrication:

Friction in moving parts of the engine results in degradation of the engine’s efficiency. Hence to avoid the obstructions caused due to friction, it becomes crucial to check the oil levels and keep the engine parts well lubricated. It is recommended checking for the color of the engine oil regularly. Certainly black color symbolizes dirty oil or excessive heat in the engine. Get the oil replaced immediately so as to ensure efficient working of the engine.

  1. Inspect the Battery;

Inspecting the battery is not as easy as checking the oil levels with a dipstick. The terminals of the batteries should be checked properly by making sure that the positive and negative terminals are connected properly and are free from corrosion. Cleaning the battery with a brush and replacing it once in four-five years extends the life of the car.

  1. Check the Drive Belts:

As hoses and belts are valuable components crucial for the smooth functioning of the engine and battery, it is imperative to inspect them and make sure that they are free from cracks and brittles. Changing the belts every 3-5 years or every 50,000 miles facilitates the long-term functioning of the automobiles.

  1. Replace the Windshield and Wipers:

To prevent road accidents and have a clear view of the roads, it is important to keep the windshields away from dust and scratches. If the wipers of the cars produce a squeaky sound or a grating noise, then it is time for you to change the wipers. Replacing wipers timely not only protects the windshields from damages but also saves from huge replacement costs. But in case the windshield is cracked then there is a need to get it replaced promptly.

  1. Get your Car Serviced by a Pro:

No doubt you can clean the majority of your car components; still there arises the need for getting it serviced by professionals. They are experts in repairing and maintaining used cars and save the automobile from possible damages in the future.


The Bottom Line

Used cars require more maintenance and upkeep than newer cars. Following maintenance schedule not only keeps the vehicle in the best condition, at the same time also saves you from unexpected repair costs.

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