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Five Secrets to Avoid Car Trouble

Five Secrets to Avoid Car Trouble

This article is for all those people who have to bring their car to the repairing garage time and again for minor repairs that hit with $3,000 mechanic bills. You already know by now that if your car hits the road then it is susceptible to various kinds of uncertainty and unpredictability. Problems relating to the car are frequent and almost everyone who owns a car face some trouble at one point of time. It is very important for you to be aware of those problems and keep remedies to such problems handy because as they say prevention is better than cure. If there is a problem then it doesn’t have to be that ways, here are a few secrets that will save you from car troubles.


Always remember for every 3,000 miles you must change your oil. A regular oil change can do wonders for your car as it keeps the engine cool and lubricated. This also saves you from various other additional expenses down the road. In order to be sure about when to change oil, kindly read your driver’s manual, this will give you an idea about the ballpark mileage based on your specific car and state you reside in. A $50 oil change can turn out to be really beneficial.


If you run out of gas, then the situation can turn fatal for your car. Running out of gas and then running on fumes can push gas to the engine, this means it causes the electric fuel-pump motor to suck in air. Once it does, then it can wear out prematurely.


It is a request, do not keep calm and race on! In order to put every car behind you, you may go as fast as you can. However, to move ahead fast, you will have to stomp on your brakes to slow down. The harder you stomp on the brake, the sooner you are to destroy those brake pads and you are also more likely to have an accident. So mind your speed, don’t try to rush. Further, speeding can result in you missing the blind spot which can again end up getting you killed.


Before you hit the road with your car, always try to check the tires of your car. Use a pressure gauge and measure the pressure of each tire. If the pressure is lower than the prescribed limit, then make sure to make it perfect by filling the air. Worn out tire can always create a problem on the road, it is sensible to do the necessary and change a tire if need be.


If you are smart enough then you won’t ever leave your valuables on passenger’s seat. Any electrical gadget like an Ipad or cord or windshield mount that hold the GPS in place is all valuable belongings. If you don’t put them away, then it can invite break-ins. Burglars and thieves look for moments like these, try to keep away valuable things away from plain sight to avoid any kind of break-in.


Do you smell any burnt odor or hear any weird noise? Does it feel slight pulling when you accelerate? Just because your car is moving doesn’t mean that there is nothing wrong with it. You must call a car mechanicfor an immediate inspection. This will save you from any further damage.


There is a list of cars and they’re revied with specification available on craigslist. However, you must understand that cars on craigslist are not trustworthy. They do not conduct a proper inspection that a dealer will do because a dealer only sells the car after proper verification and inspectionDealers vouch for warranty, so as much as you want that Craigslist deal you can’t turn down, please ask your mechanic to check the car thoroughly before your purchase.

Follow these above tips to avoid any kind of car trouble. This will also bring you peace of mind and save you from later grief.

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