SUV vs Sedan – What Should be Your Next Purchase?

SUV vs Sedan – What Should be Your Next Purchase?

Buying a car is an adventure in itself. You go through loops of research, test drives, reading reviews, and test driving again to finally receive the keys. Forget taxes and insurance, deciding on the type of car to buy is a more perplexing exercise. SUV vs Sedan, Crossover vs Wagon…. Add further subtypes and it becomes a tale that keeps on going.

Ignoring the multiple monikers manufacturers have given to their standard car models, the decision will mainly come down to two choices – the SUV or the Sedan. The countless models in these body types create the dilemma of what is suitable and what is not.

Recently, the trend has been of the city-friendly SUVs, or crossovers as some of them are called. They are slightly taller than your sedan and also offer roomier interior. But they are also bigger and heavier – both in body weight and the pocket.

Your average sedan purchase is seeing a stale growth rate. The bigger is better mentality is the main reason. But remember, sedans offer better drivability, comfort, and lower running costs. But when it comes to the utility, sports utility vehicles have the lead.

So, what should be the right purchase? The answer will depend on many factors. Here are 5 of those that you should evaluate before signing the check-

Your Commute Type and Distance

Does your commute involve frequent long-distance highway drives? Then a sedan is simply a smarter choice. But why, you may ask. The reason is simple physics, sedans are more aerodynamic and carry less weight. This equals better gas mileage and more savings when compared to an equivalent SUV.

On the other hand, regular commute over potholes, gravel or country roads make SUVs an easy choice as the speeds will be lower and aerodynamics and weight advantage of sedans will be negligible.


You wished you could afford that 458 Italia when you pass by that used luxury car dealership. The performance, the handling, looks…. Everything is so beautiful when you have Ferrari Red in your garage. You won’t get the performance of a 458 Italia in your next sedan or SUV but surely, the Ferrari Red paint can be yours.

When it comes to handling and driving dynamics, the sedans have the upper hand. Their smaller and streamlined bodies make them better in everyday performance. Unless you are opting for a Porsche Cayenne Turbo or something similar, your dream of sports car like handling in an SUV will be just that, a dream.

People Use

Let’s get practical and think of the people moving aspect. Even the biggest of sedans will only seat 5 adults at max. And we are talking about really big sedans. In a compact sedan, 4 full sized adults are a tight fit.

SUVs, on the other hand, are capable of stuffing in adults with no problems. Some bigger ones can carry 7 to 8 with comfort and still have some room for activities. But remember, crossover SUVs are still sedan-like so their seating capacity is lower.

So if you are planning regular trips with your family or buddies then an SUV should be considered over a sedan.


You should, by now, know what SUV stands for. It’s sports utility vehicle. We can’t comment on the sports aspect but the utility is definitely there. Want to haul loads of groceries for your home or supplies for the office event? An SUV can do that. Tow a small trailer? Done.

But do carefully evaluate your actual needs. Does your use actually warrant an SUV? Does every shopping trip to the store will bring in items that will utilize the space of the SUV or will it fit in the trunk of a sedan?


Finally, the substantial factor. What’s the moolah you are ready to shell out? We are not just talking about the initial cost. Taxes, gases, insurance, maintenance, servicing – what will be the cheaper option in the long run? For a similarly priced comparison, the average annual cost of using a sedan is lower than that of an SUV. So depending on your commute and use, a sedan will be easier on the pocket or vice versa.

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