Top 10 Tips On Buying a Used Car From a Dealer

Top 10 Tips On Buying a Used Car From a Dealer

Are you planning to purchase a used car? I bet you’d choose to buy form a reputed used car dealershipthan make a transaction privately for the security of being backed by a dealership and owning a vehicle, which has been reconditioned and is mechanically inspected besides any extra warranties included is unparalleled.

But the concern once you’re decided on making the purchase from a dealership is to find the right car and crack a great deal.

  1. Research

Decide on the car you’re interested in and do your research to figure out alternatives you may want to consider. For all these vehicles, read automobile magazine comparison, consumer reports and web reviews besides also determining which dealership in your area offers your choice of car at best pricing and offers.

  1. Investigate

Look beyond the price. You don’t want a reasonably priced vehicle with a lower mileage and an exhaustive accidental damage history. An accidental car must have been repaired well for it to be a good deal. You must also question about the vehicle’s origin and previous owners. Reputed dealerships often have this information available.

  1. Maintenance History

You must look at whether the car was maintained regularly by the previous owner. Also, you must ask of any reconditioning that the dealership has done. Most well known dealerships are likely to provide you the details of complete maintenance history and also a copy of any reconditioning work they performed after acquiring the car.

  1. Dealership Reputation

You must look for online reviews from fellow buyers on Google or other third party rating websites to know if the dealership is trustworthy for you to make the transaction. Focus on customer dealing and customer satisfaction when deciding on the dealership to make the purchase from.

  1. Dealership Policies

You must question about any hidden dealership policies. You could ask if they offer an exchange policy within a specific time after making the purchase. Also, certain dealers provide a money back guarantee post delivery if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

  1. Is the Vehicle Certified?

A certified used vehicle program, though comes on a premium, is worthwhile due to benefits like extended power-train warranty over and above the manufacturer’s warranty, a more comprehensive reconditioning program, and a lower rate of interest on financing.

  1. Financing

Work out a monthly budget and then decide on a vehicle that suits your budget. You could calculate the approximate monthly payment using online calculators for the vehicles you are interested in. You must deduct the down payment from the amount financed and add the sales tax to the cost of the vehicle to make accurate calculations.

You’d get a better interest rate for newer used vehicles (5-6%) whereas older ones may set you back by an addition 2-3%. If you are opting for a Certified Used Vehicle, you may score a manufacturer subsidized interest rate, similar to new car rates.

  1. The Test Drive

Once you have zeroed in on a couple of vehicles, you must set an appointment for a test drive. Try to contact the dealership for the appointment rather than showing up randomly as they may have the vehicle unavailable at that instant thus wasting your time. You can rather set a fixed time for the test drive so that the sales rep has the vehicle ready for you in time.

  1. Physically Inspect

Check for any visible dings or dents and assess if the vehicle has been cleaned properly. While dents may not be a bad thing for used vehicles, to notice them may help you with a better negotiation. Also, a perfectly aesthetic car need not imply there are no mechanical shortcomings and hence your test drive must be long enough for you to assess if the car is perfect for you as it is. You do not want to avoid getting dents repaired just to land up in a greater expenditure of having the mechanical items repaired.

  1. Finalizing transaction

The prize and the price should both be your focus. A lower cost should not encourage you to buy a vehicle low on value otherwise. You must self assess the car based on your usability and utility. While one car may be on a great deal but not fitting your purpose well, the other might meet all your requirements at a slightly heavier cost. It is best to not compromise on your requirements since you wouldn’t be making car transactions very soon. You must finalize only on the car that suits all your needs and fits within your budget. If you can’t still, you can contact us to assist you in finding a car that suits not just your budget but has all the features you require.


So not that you’re ready to buy your used car, score a great used car deal and drive around the town with no regret.

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