Why Buy a Vehicle from Reputed Dealer rather than Kijiji

Why Buy a Vehicle from Reputed Dealer rather than Kijiji

Now that you have made up your mind to buy a car, you can resort to two options. One is to buy a new or a used car from a certified dealer or buy a used car from a Kijiji. Buying from a Kijiji will get you some casual and off the cut atmosphere while buying from a dealer can offer you a professional atmosphere. But before everything you must go to the dealership to check out the car, make payment and take your deliver. No matter how easy it may sound in the head, in reality, a dealership staff can try to make up for a low price on the car by making you pay more in other areas. So you must be careful. However, there are various advantages of buying a car from a dealer and they are:


Buying a car from a dealer provides you with various benefits, one of them is the feature to add or upgrade your car with various extra systems and accessories. Some features are pre-installed in a car but through a dealer, you can enhance a car’s sound system. Similarly, if you want you can extend your car’s warrantyafter the manufacturer warranty expires. Further curb rash could be removed from the wheels. A dealer can offer you more promotions such as free oil changes or tire rotations. Such promotional offers and benefits can be never delivered by a Kijiji.


Car dealers assist you till the end, even though some car dealers have a bad reputation but there are many with good reputation by providing help to the customers even after the car has been sold out. Today you buy a car, and the next day if you face any problem, you will always have a car dealer to offer you the best help. Whereas a Kijiji only supports the customer until they have bought the vehicle. Once they crack the deal they are likely to wash their hands clean from everything related to the car. Dealers always make sure to provide you with not just mechanical help but other assistance too whenever required.


Next is the financing benefits which is perhaps the most essential benefit one gets while buying a car from a dealer. Dealers tend to offer their own financing options while a Kijiji doesn’t. With Kijiji, you will have to take the hassle of securing your financing option and in case you couldn’t, you will end up buying a car from a dealer. Furthermore, lending companies trust dealers more than Kijijis as they feel dealer offer more accurate pricing than Kijiji. Also, lending finance becomes easier as loans are sanctioned and interest rates are lower.


Dealers provide you with cleanliness. They make sure to deep clean the car before handing it over to you. They thoroughly inspect every corner of the car and ensure to meet the standard they claim to provide. In addition to this, they replace components wherever necessary and provide you with proper guideline and information regarding your vehicle. This way you will understand the longevity of your car and feel safe while driving it.

The final take is that dealers provide you with a better car buying experience than Kijiji and Kijiji cannot beat a dealer’s vehicle extras, reputation, and financial choices.

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